from design and construct to a turnkey property development solution

At Giorgi Group, we have a turnkey approach to property development where we manage everything under one roof – from feasibility through to design, construct and project marketing.

We employ an in-house team of multidisciplinary professionals which encourages a spirit of creative collaboration while maintaining strict quality and financial control.

Our rigorous feasibility process tests projects against commercial realities at every step along the way, from architectural strategy to buildability, suitability, sustainability and marketability.

We believe our record speaks for itself.

* We complete projects on time and on budget.
* We have won the support and respect of financiers, partners, local authorities, estate agents, buyers and tenants.
* We have a great rapport with our contractors – and we have achieved an excellent occupational health & safety record on our sites.
* Our projects have rewarded investors with solid investment outcomes.

Managing a property development project is a complex, high stakes process and there is an intricate matrix of elements to consider and organise including:

• Market evaluation
• Project feasibility
• Architectural strategy
• Design and approval
• Development management
• Construction
• Project marketing

At Giorgi Group, we marshal all these elements to effectively drive property development ideas from concept to reality.

We can offer land owners, property developers and syndicators a customised suite of services from design and construct to a complete turnkey property development solution including project feasibility and marketing.